Japan Government to give 2 cloth face masks to each household

The Government of Japan will distribute 2 cloth face masks per household, since stocks of disposable face masks have run out at drugstores and other stores.

This distribution starts from April 12 and finishes in mid-May. Japan Post (日本郵便) will drop them into your mailbox. 

In providing masks by post, the government will put priority on the areas where the virus infections found to be on the rise. 

The government also distributes cloth face masks to elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools and special education schools nationwide. Each student will receive 2 cloth face masks. 

Cloth face masks were also delivered to nursing facilities and facilities for the handicapped nationwide by early April.

In addition, the government is now thinking about giving face masks to expecting mothers and users of social care services. 

The distributions may be insufficient for some households; however, in mid-May, they are supposed to be able to apply for additional face masks.

Cloth face masks are machine washable and reusable. Please wash yours after each use, since they won’t lose their quality even if washed and reused.  The YouTube video below by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


On YouTube, you can find tips for making your own cloth face mask at home.

Stocks of disposable face masks have run out nationwide. If you happen to find them at stores, please don’t buy them up. Stores are usually limiting purchases of more than a box of face masks.

The government bans the reselling of face masks. The reselling of masks at higher prices than they were purchased for is now a crime punishable. 

Let’s help each other get our hands on masks !