Food and household items available with plenty of stock! Stay calm, don’t buy them up!

Don’t buy up food and household items, since they will never go out of stock ! 

Food and household items will reach us, since supply chains remain intact and distribution is still in place. Some of the suppliers are expanding the production.

In the Greater Tokyo area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba), convenience stores, supermarkets and food sections in department stores stay open under the state of emergency. Please note that some of them are cutting opening hours.

Both public and private sectors are storing up essential staple food such as rice, wheat etc.

Besides, there will be no shortages of paper products (ex: toilet paper, tissue paper). The government of Japan says almost 100% of them are made in Japan, and there are ample stocks of them.

To sum up, we have to stay calm because sufficient stocks of food and household goods are reassured, distribution is going on, and stores for our basic needs stay open.

So, when we buy any groceries or daily goods, we shouldn’t buy extra; 2-3 days worth of food will be enough; buy paper products when you find there is barely anything to go.

In addition, please follow instructions from grocery stores. They may ask you to stay at least 2 meters from other people, or limit purchases of food/household items. 

Lastly, please stick to “cough etiquettes” while shopping; wash hands before and after shopping.

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