Multilingual Websites About COVID-19

This article introduces multilingual websites that treat issues related to COVID-19.

Official Pages Run by Local Governments in the Greater Tokyo Area


The Tokyo COVID-19 Information Website is where the Tokyo Metropolitan Government officially releases information about COVID-19. The website is available in Japanese, Simple Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean, and offers the latest information about cases in Tokyo, as well as a flowchart on how you should react when you feel unwell. In addition, you can find external links that offer multilingual information for residents (available in Japanese, Simple Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese and Korean). Information such as phone numbers of various services and the types of support available to workers in Tokyo are also available in the form of external links; however, these pages are only available in Japanese.

In addition, on Fridays, the governor of Tokyo holds a weekly broadcast in English about the latest news regarding COVID-19. You can check the broadcast from Tokyo’s official YouTube channel.


Saitama Prefecture has a page for non-Japanese expatriates where you can find information about consultation services, messages from the governor, and more in English and Simplified Chinese (some parts are also available in Portuguese and Spanish).


Chiba Prefecture offers latest updates on COVID-19 in Simple Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese. Their webpage has information about COVID-19 hotlines and information targeting foreign residents working in Chiba.


Yokohama city offers basic information on COVID-19, public hotlines and school/public library closures in Simple Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese.

For information about the whole prefecture, check the prefecture’s official website. However, apart from Japanese, only a machine-translated version of the page in English is available.


CLAIR (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations)

CLAIR offers Multilingual templates that can be used to provide basic information on COVID-19, infection prevention measures such as how to properly wash your hands, etc. in various languages.

Tokyo International Communication Committee

The Committee releases information in Simple Japanese. Check out the latest news concerning COVID-19 on their Twitter account.


 Here, you can check the latest news about COVID-19 in Japan in around 20 languages. Check here for articles written in Simple Japanese.