Watch out for “coronavirus-related stress”!

Watch Out for “Coronavirus-Related Stress”! Things to Do When You Feel Depressed

Have you been feeling depressed in the COVID-19 pandemic?

If so, do know that you are not the only one.

“Coronavirus-related stress”–anxieties due to the spread of COVID-19, stress due to working remotely or refraining from going out, mental distress coming from financial concerns–is now gaining attention.

The following are some of the symptoms of “coronavirus-related stress.” Check to see how many you apply.

  • Always being nervous that you may become infected with COVID-19
  • Cannot focus on work and other things
  • Feel nervous about your future
  • Feel scared to be at home alone                           and so on.

So, how can we prevent ourselves from “coronavirus-related stress”?

There are 3 key points: 1) keep a daily routine, 2) create opportunities to communicate with others and 3) talk about your fears and anxieties.

Keep a Daily Routine

Adjusting your rhythm of life will help you be emotionally more stable.

Keep the following points in mind to adjust your rhythm of life:

  • Maintain a regular eating/sleeping pattern

You should also decide at what time you will do other things such as washing your face, brushing your teeth, working and studying, and stick to a routine.      

  • Eat well and be careful when drinking alcohol

Breakfast is especially important in keeping your biological clock on track. You should avoid drinking alcohol in the daytime and late at night so that you can sleep well at night.

  • Spend time in the sun

Get sunlight by exercising while avoiding crowded environments or by spending some time by the window when you are indoors. It is said that there is a relaxing effect if you do these things for two hours or more.

Create Opportunities to Communicate With Others

Talking with people can also make you feel relaxed.

It is good to have an opportunity to talk with somebody every day.

  • Communicate online or on the phone

Talk with your close friends using online call (e.g. Zoom, LINE, Facetime) or by texting.

  • When you communicate with the people you live with, think about how they will feel

To make your home a comfortable place for all members, you need to be kind to each other. Please consult specialized institutions if you experience any problems, such as domestic violence. You can consult the call centers below.

Talk About Your Fears and Anxieties

The government, local municipalities as well as NPOs provide telephone consultation services.

The following services are available not only in Japanese but also in other languages. If you have any anxieties or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask others for help.

In addition to the hotlines below, you can also check this page to find out more about places you can consult in languages other than Japanese.

Yorisoi Hotline
  • You can consult about: life in general, mental health, domestic violence, etc.
  • URL:
  • TEL: 0120-279-338  *For foreign language counseling, please press “2” after the call is answered
  • Facebook (Messenger):
  • Available times: Every day from 10AM to 10PM
  • Available languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Tagalog, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Indonesian  *Please refer to the calendar on the website about available times for each language. Depending on your inquiry, other languages may also be available.
  • Fees: Counseling and calls are both free of charge
Tokyo Life Call in English -TELL Japan
  • You can consult about: mental health
  • URL:
  • TEL: 03-5774-0992  *Depending on the time, only online chat is available. You can access the chat from the link above.
  • Available times: Every day from 9AM to 11PM  *Available times may change during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check the link above for details.
  • Available languages: English  *Depending on your inquiry, other languages may also be available
  • Fees: Counseling free of charge; calling fees will be charged
DV Hotline + (Run by the government)
  • URL:
  • TEL: 0120-279-889
  • Email: Send from the website above
  • Chat: Send from the website above
  • Available times: 24/7
  • Available languages: English, Tagalog, Thai, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Indonesian
  • Fees: Counseling and calls are both free of charge

If you have any concerns regarding domestic violence, please also read this page: