Beware of these symptoms! Checklist of 13 coronavirus symptoms to look out for

Call COVID-19 Helpline if you have these symptoms! Here are 13 possible signs of serious Coronavirus syndrome.

The ongoing pandemic of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has proven that the novel Coronavirus does not necessarily develop serious symptoms, and in some cases shows no clear symptoms at all. 

Currently, the Government of Japan advises those without major symptoms to self-quarantine at such facilities as medically equipped hotels designated by prefectural governments. As an exception, those who have to stay at home for personal reasons are allowed to do so.

Let’s watch out and do a self-check

Coronavirus disease can take a serious turn at any time even if you do not have major symptoms for now.

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has published a list of symptoms for self-check when coronavirus carriers with mild or no symptoms are in quarantine at home or accommodation facilities.

The carriers in quarantine are to go through the list by themselves at least twice a day. 

* Frequency and timing of self-check vary. Please follow the instruction given by medical staff at public health centers.

In case any of the below-listed “serious symptoms” applies, contact immediately medical personnel or municipal helpdesk by yourself.

Also, you need to do the same anytime you have these serious signs during quarantine.

List of 13 coronavirus symptoms 

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare lists 13 symptoms, which require emergency medical care. 

In order to detect symptoms with *asterisks*, family members and people staying with a coronavirus carrier need to pay continuous attention.

Facial expressions and appearance

  1. Extremely looking pale*
  2. Lips turning purple
  3. Different than usual (in expression, state and appearance etc.)*

Breathing difficulties

  1. Shortness of breath (rapid breathing)
  2. Suddenly breathing hard
  3. Difficulty breathing during everyday activities
  4. Chest pain
  5. Inability to lie down, or being able to breathe only while sitting
  6. Shoulders heaving while breathing
  7. Running out of breath all of sudden  (within 2 hours of initial symptoms)


  1. Absence of awareness (weak response)*
  2. Feeling groggy (no response)*
  3. Irregular or unsteady pulse