The application period for Special Cash Payments has finished

The government provided the Special Cash Payments, 100,000 yen per person, with all of the people who are on the basic resident registration system, as economic measures to COVID-19 pandemic. The application period has already finished in all municipalities and you cannot apply now.

Beware of scams!

Recently, there have been cases where some people received emails with misinformation of “The payments will be provided for the second time.” from 【info_★】(★ means @). When you receive such an email, do not click on the URL and delete it immediately.

The government or administrative organs will not inform you of the information regarding the Special Cash Payments by email.

Also, municipalities or the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will never do any of the below:

  • Ask you to operate an ATM
  • Ask you to send money to pay handling fees to receive the benefit
  • Send email with a URL to click to apply for the benefit

⚠Do not tell your bank account number, PIN code or My Number, nor pass your bankbook or cash card to others.

Please feel free to contact if you receive a suspicious email or call, or if you ever feel worried about something regarding fraud.

Consumer hotline (you will be introduced to your local consumer service center)

Phone Number: 188(common throughout the nation)

Office hours: Depending on the area. 9:00AM~5:00PM is recommendable.

*Japanese only

Police station in your municipality or near you

Designated police consultation phone number

Phone Number: #9110

Office hours: 8:30AM~5:15PM(on weekdays only. Office hours depends on the area.

*Basically Japanese only

Consultation for foreigners

Phone Number: 03-3503-8484

Office hours: 8:30AM~5:15PM(on weekdays only)  

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